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Welcome to my blog this site was designed provide information about myself, general interests , and my life outside work. Those close to me may say that they do not believe that there is a Gary Chambers outside of work as I do spend a lot of hours "working" however differ in this opinion. The difference in opinion is that I love what occupies my everyday life and therefore do not classify it as "working". This blog page essentially provides me a platform to voice my opinions on everyday issues and topics that I find of interest.

TractorView @seancarp @tericonrad now if only I had their bank roll ;) @GavinDeGraw @Danielpowter3
TractorView Thanks @seancarp it was fun conversation with @TeriConrad. Hope your keeping well and I can see you soon :)
TractorView @shanegibson haha, good old shoe-ters have fun in Georgia ... Hope we can meet up soon!!
TractorView RT @dennisplintz: @ImMichaelThorne very well done. @TractorView u better trademark that before 2017. I'm a buyer. http://t.co/mwumDalgDR #s