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Welcome to my blog this site was designed provide information about myself, general interests , and my life outside work. Those close to me may say that they do not believe that there is a Gary Chambers outside of work as I do spend a lot of hours "working" however differ in this opinion. The difference in opinion is that I love what occupies my everyday life and therefore do not classify it as "working". This blog page essentially provides me a platform to voice my opinions on everyday issues and topics that I find of interest.

TractorView Murphy's laws of farming "You will always run out of sprayed ground to seed on the windiest shitty day of the week"
TractorView Had sidelined tweeting for nearly 6months till #bill6 and @RachelNotley disregard for farmers and our way of life. #standup #farmproud
TractorView Agricultral Minister, Alberta Ag Minister Oneil Carlier: NDP Bill 6, Enhanced Protection for Farm ... https://t.co/PyUKTFzowO via @CdnChange
TractorView @jeffturner @dennisplintz what kind of competition .... I'm IN!!